Copying “Top Posts” on stat page with hyperlinks

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    I do a post once a month for new readers listing the top posts of all time and the top posts of the last 30 days. I’d like to hyperlink them but it takes time. Some months I do and some months I don’t. This month I don’t have a lot of time.

    Is there any way, when looking at Top Posts and Pages to copy it with the hyperlink? Just curious.



    If your using Firefox I wrote a tutorial about a plugin that will
    help you hyper link with ease….

    Link » firefox 2 html link tutorial

    P.s. This plugin currently works with Firefox 2/3



    Thanks. I was thinking more along the line of just highlighting the top posts on the stat page and pasting them all into a new post and they stay hyperlinked like they are on the stat page.



    That will work if you paste it into the visual editor. You will have to do some editing though as it will take the numbers and the little feed stats link with it.

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