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    I cannot copy youtube videos into my blog. I have done this successfully till now and it still works with my other blogs. What has happened?

    The blog I need help with is


    I am suddenly not able to copy youtube videos to my blog. It worked fine until this afternoon and I am still following the same procedures. I can also still add youtube clips to my other blogs. What can I do?



    I just tested it with Safari 6.0.2 and it works for me. Would you be willing to provide further information, so that I can troubleshoot further:
    – Which browser and version are you using?
    – What is the URL of the YouTube video you are having trouble embedding?
    – How are you creating posts: via New Post at the top of the navigation bar, via Posts > Add New, somewhere else?
    – Which of the methods for embedding YouTube are you using? Would you be willing to try several of the methods listed there to see if some of them might work?

    Thanks in advance!



    And please be sure to check the YouTube troubleshooting tips here, if you have not already:


    Thanks for you kind help Jenia – bizarrely, it seems to have cured itself yesterday afternoon when I suddenly found that I could download from youtube again quite normally. I guess it must have been glitch somewhere. Best wishes Patrick



    Welcome Patrick, glad it’s resolved now :)

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