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    I am looking to protect my images from being copied (right-click, save image as).
    I can do this through the Flicker Widget, but I would like to use your slideshow or tiled photo features. How can I prevent viewers from copying my artwork?

    The blog I need help with is



    You really can’t. People who are determined to steal can do it. I can crack a copy-protected Flickr page in three seconds, and I’m no hacker.

    The best you can do is use Monotone or Duotone themes, which disable right click save as on all but the left-hand side of the most recent image. They do have serious flaws otherwise, though.


    And they could still be copied through a variety of other methods. If you don’t want it copied, don’t put it on the web.

    The very least you could do is to Watermark your images which can be done easily with free software you may already have.


    It looks like a watermark is needed. Thanks for the info,….. community rocks!

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