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copyright help

  1. Hello!
    I have a doubt about copyrights, i'm thinking about creating a blog that is about videogames (news, reviews, ps3 themes, etc) and design, (mainly phostoshop tutorials and discussion), by using names like adobe, sony and all those company and games names, and pictures, even if i found those in google, am i inflicting copyrights?
    sorry for the bad english, i am brazilian.
    By the way the blog is not commercial, only personal/community, maybe will have some ads.

  2. Without getting into the fuzzy boundaries of copyright, I'll respond to your last sentence. If you want to run your own ads, you should almost certainly be somewhere other than See:

  3. Ok, forget about the ads, what about the copyrights??Can anyone answer me??

  4. If you are word for word copying and pasting from another site, that is infirngement. Just put at the end of it where you got it, or a link to the site you got it from, then you should be fine.

  5. Ok, and what about the pictures??If i take screenshots it will be fine??And what about if i get the picture in google??

  6. please read this:

    I still haven't found anything that explains it better (and thanks, Mark, I think, for reminding me).

  7. Thank you this really explained it, and really took my will of making a blog away.:S

  8. You always, ALWAYS, need to find out what the site's policies are regarding using their content. Some don't mind as long as you link to them, and some are dead set against any use of their material.

  9. Ok, and thank you all for your help!

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