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    hi .. i tried looking on the FAQ but seems theres nothing on this .. is there any way i can put pictures onto wordpress and have them copyrighted, such as wehn people go to right click the images and save them it does not alow them to, well say something like “right click disabled” .. is this possible on wordpress blogs, or is there a site i can go to that alows me to do such a thing??

    Any help is much appreciated



    i don’t know how to disable the right click, but a workaround solution would be to stamp an embossed logo right smack in the middle of the picture so people can’t really use the picture anymore because of your logo.



    Isn’t there a code to place? But that’s if you get the CSS and modify the template.



    Disable right click requires javascript and as such will not be usable.
    It’s also really easily worked around – Firefox has an extension just for that.

    If it can be seen it can be copied.


    There’s always the Print Screen button as well, this little button gets around any script.

    I find watermarking a pain in that it works the best in terms of preventing people wanting to use the picture, but it also spoils the photo for those that do just want to look at it.

    I guess you can’t have your cake and eat it.



    I vote for watermarking as well. There’s little one can do for protecting one’s images posted online and you can even override the right clicking protection with IE. I know I’m having an issue currently with an ISP who hosts a site that posts copies of my written works and they aren’t responding to complaints about the issue. I’m guessing that they’re hoping that I’ll just go away but looks like I’m going to have to involve my attorney. *sigh*



    drmike: is it worth it to settle this with a lawyer? wouldn’t it cost a lot of money?



    I seriously support watermarking in the frame, not in the image itself: I am always relieved when I see such an image, because it means I can post it while giving credit where it’s due.

    sulz, I work for lawyers, and believe me, the almost superstitious fear people have of lawyers works in their favour. Step up and writ them back and you’ll find that things aren’t as expensive as they’re currently made out to be. Can you spend a fortune on lawyers? Sure. Do you have to? No.

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