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Copyright in Text Area not working

  1. maxpproductions


    I just create a blog and I'm trying to put a copyright notice in using the Text widget but it's not working.

    When I visit my blog there is no notice. Not sure what I'm doing wrong when adding this widget.

    Can anyone help?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. The text widget with your copyright notice does seem to appear on every page and single post, just maddeningly not on the home/index page.

    Have you changed the "visibility" options for the widget?

  3. maxpproductions

    Yes, I have changed it put still can't figure out how to get it to show on the first page. Maddening, indeed! I'm not sure how to get it to appear on the front page. Do you?

  4. What are the current visibility settings in your text widget?

  5. Alternatively, try deleting any visibility additions you have made for that text widget.

  6. If that doesn't work, try copying the text from the widget, dragging it over to the "available widgets" area, which will completely remove any settings and content from the widget and then add it again to the sidebar.

  7. maxpproductions

    Here are the settings:

    category is all category pages
    author is maxpproductions
    tag is all tag pages
    page is post pages
    page is media
    page is author
    page is books
    page is page

  8. Just to be clear, you want the text widget to appear on all pages/posts?

    If so, then please follow my suggestion just above. Copy the text from the widget, remove the widget to the "Available Widgets" area to delete all content and settings, then re-add the widget and paste your text in and save. You should not need to make any visibility settings to have it appear everywhere.

  9. maxpproductions

    IT WORKED!!!! Thanks, I appreciate your help! :)

  10. You're most welcome. Hooray for happy endings! :)

  11. How do I add the copyright logo to my blog? It is giving me a headache. Someone help! Thank you.

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