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Copyright infringement

  1. Raincoaster - I'm chilled, didn't ever break into a stride let alone a sweat ;-)

    Dirk - "...I do wonder why it's taken until now to provide a comparison link..." - too many X-Files mate, no ulterior motives or anything nefarious, no link provided coz it was already mentioned by Craig and I'm not on here for advertising purposes.

    Judy - Done, dusted, finito, caput.

    See you all on another thread/site.

  2. tobrien1, you may have misread my post. At time time did I state that permission was required to display an RSS feed. I said it was the polite thing to do. If you're using another person's work for the main content of your own site, even if you're just doing snippets, you should do the right thing and get permission.

    Please remember that I do webhosting semi-professionally. if you would like to read what's come though my DMCA email address for this year, I'll give you a login. I'll also be happy to point you to many sites that have been ToS'ed here and elsewhere for doing what you're doing.

  3. It just occurred to me, you said (as the reason you didn't post your link) you weren't here to advertise or draw extra traffic (I'm paraphrasing here) ....yet now we see seems to be ALL about traffic generation, linking strategies, affiliate marketing etc. Why is the forum getting special treatment from you? It seems by your blog that it's ALL about the income generation, which I assume includes EVERY possible opportunity to post a link somewhere in the hope that someone will click on it, and somewhere down the line..make you some money.

    This is an odd disturbance, which kinda undercuts the reason given. Also, for me, it's up to the original complainer to confirm where he saw the alleged copyright theft, and for him to confirm that with the understanding he now has on the way Technorati works that it was a misunderstanding, which is now resolved. He may have seen it in the main content section which cannot be explained by the Technorati feed, it may have been removed since due to the complaint.

  4. Right on dirk. I made the same observations too. What blog? IMO what I saw was a splog.

  5. Apologies Judy - thought I'd done but promise this will be my last on the subject.

    From what I've seen on this thread there is a whole lot of FUD knocking around and people are gonna believe what they're gonna believe no matter who says what.

    Just put yourself in my shoes - if a misrepresentation of you were made online and read by who knows how many, wouldn't you want to set the record straight?

    That was and is the only point of my participation in this forum thread.

    The phrase "Damned if you do, damned if you don't" springs to mind.

  6. If you have a blog going which is a traffic generator, surely part of that is getting into the habit of including at least ONE link which will help you when you post ANYTHING must be hard to fight the instinct to include a link huh? It pokes a huge hole into the brush off "oh I forgot" kinda response.

    I can think of a couple of possible reasons why fought the urge to stay linkless......

    1 - You didn't want anyone clicking through with the idea of "copyright infringement" on their's not a great word association if you want them to buy stuff from your affiliate codes.

    2 - You may have been caught out and wanted time to remove it before giving out the link and playing the "innocent and wrongly accused victim"

    3 - You know (by the subject matter of your blog) that search engine spiders love backlinks, textlinks etc.....they assume a better linked site is more popular. So having other peoples text appear via RSS feeds helps your search engine performance.

    I also notice that you didn't respond to the question too.....for some reason I'm picturing a used car salesman here. Deflection of an accusation only makes you appear's why many people no longer vote.

    I did click through a few blog entries on your site, they remind me of the "get rich quick" scams you often get spammed with. All with seemingly invaluable advice which will guarantee to make you a millionaire if you buy this (insert product via affiliate code here).

    In fairness it seems that not ALL of your blog seems aimed at this...for those who can't find it......look right down the list, there are a few tucked away at the bottom which appear more personal than financial.

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