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Copyright Question

  1. Someone filed a DMCA against me. WordPress policy is that they repost the content if the complainant does not provide proof of legal action within 10 days. After 10 days I received an email from WordPress that they reposted the content because the complainant did not provide proof of legal action. Then I received another email that the content was taken down because the complainant sent them proof of legal action. Can WordPress send me proof of this legal documentation? The complainant has my personal info, but has not contacted me. The content in question is 2 photos in a video I produced -- the photos were taken from a public website. I am concerned because the complainant has filed false DMCA complaints against me on other websites.

    Thank you

  2. Hello there,
    This is not a matter for the public support forums. Please email Staff directly [email redacted] and if you have already been in contact with Staff then type into the subject line "attention" followed by the name of the Staff member who you were in contact with before.

  3. Just an additional note - @Timethief & @Raincoaster are great sources on copyright things -

    But - just because a photo is on a "Public Web Site" does not automatically give you the right to use the photo - the copyright and the terms of use reside with the original owner of the photo - and that is enforceable even if the "Public Web Site" stole the content from someone that stole the content from someone that had stole the photo from the original copyright owner. The original copyright owner does have the legal right to come back against you for using the photo if your use violate the terms of use (many people release photos with some type of Creative Commons License covering the use)

    @Timethief should have a nice Post on her web site on copyrights - just click on her name.

  4. This is a Staff question auxclass.

  5. @TT - yes the DMCA issue is one that can only be dealt with between the OP & the TOS people - I did not address the DMCA at all

    The OP in their post shows that they don't understand some basic copyright issues, so - in an attempt to keep the OP from having more problems in the future, I did give a little on basic copyright usage, which I think are all correct.

    If my memory is correct you have done articles on copyright usage on your site - and that is why I referred them to your site - but too lazy to go look for the link. Also since you and @Raincoaster know quite a bit about copyright issues, you two were mentioned by name so if the OP has more questions about copyright usage that you two can be trusted to give accurate advice as opposed to some that help here and have taken the position "If you can see it on Google images it is open usage" which is way way wrong.

    Point - I needed a picture of a very specific Lighthouse a few months ago for a poster - lots of pictures - most have the usage locked down fairly tight - took over half a day to find ONE decent picture that had the correct Creative Commons License so I could use it with credit to the original copyright owner / photographer.

  6. The photo on a public website can not be used by you unless you have granted permission. However, you do not need to contact the compliant; instead correspondence directly with WordPress people though - wordpress support channel.

  7. Timethief, please respond to my e-mail. I just found a site that has stolen not just my webcopy, but my business kits & is selling them on WordPress. Their e-mail address from Yahoo came back undeliverable.

    Thank you

  8. @ep2002
    I do not provide support by email. Please read and act on:

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