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copyright symbol does it creat password protected?

  1. I put copyright symbol on my blog because another blogger was taking big chunks of my articles and posting them on their site - next thing I know my site is now password protected and I have people telling me they can no longer read my site - good for the trouble maker but bad for my regular readers. How can I copyright my articles and not be password protected? or is there something I did wrong I went into settings to check some tabs it seems I don't have it set for password protection - I'm wondering what I did wrong.

  2. The copyright symbol would have nothing to do with it. We need a link to your blog please.

  3. I worked it out - Nortons has a new 'phishing' and 'password' function in it's system - and I think this system 'saved' my password in the 'password protected' area - so every post I went into that I added the copyright symbol etc go 'inadvertedly' password protected. I've fixed it now and realize that I don't like this function of Nortons - I need to work out how to disable that function - sorry for the inconvenience but I hope this will be of help to someone else should they encounter the same problem

  4. I suggest using Creative Commons: I use it on my blog.

  5. It depends on what you want. Creative commons is too loose for some.

  6. I second that, wpvstp!

  7. TSP, you are right. I know there are more out there, but CC is as far as I know the only option with international and country-specific licenses.

  8. And I believe that people have unrealistic sense of grandeur concerning their own scribblings. No one wants their content taken without permission, of course, but sploggers are sploggers regardless of copyright or copyleft.
    Basically, people do not know enough about it, don't really know the diffrence.

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