Copyright theft question (Again) :(

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    Haha I know you are all sick to death with asking me related questions about this but I just wanted to know if anyone else has experienced this:

    I made a blog, splog stole my content, I contacted host, host said they will do something about it. However instead of shutting down the entire splog site entirely (as ALL other hosts have currently done in the past) they only removed my content that was stolen so that when I click on that link where my content was stolen a ‘error 404/403 message’ comes up. I am happy with this but the sploging site is still there and all the other links and other stolen content is still there.

    So is this normal of the hosting companies to do? Shouldnt they decide to delete the entire site? I repeat, I am not complaining or anything but I just thought it would have been good if everyone else that had content stolen got justice with my email complaints :)

    Another thing that worries me though: What if the splogger sees me as some sort of ‘arch enemy’ now that I complained about him. I mean the host must have said: hey this guy said u stole hist stuff, we are now removing it. He will look at me now and spam my computer or steal all my content from my blog or hack my computer maybe? When other hosts shut down splogs I assume they dont tell them anything about me (privacy laws etc… but in this case, I would think they will tell the owner of the splog about me)

    Anyway I think I will go shut up now before the wordpress forums explode with my verbosiy. :D

    Cheers all!


    for a moment i thought you were mad at ME cos i wanted to steal your porn idea! so, it’s not me then, eh? {phew}



    HAHAHA HEY sanjidabd no no its not you….. sorry I was about to reply to your comment now but I had all this other internet stuff to do before hand (and i thought i should write up the forum question first so there is time for people to see it)





    Most likely the splogger will see you as a no-steal area instead. I mean, what can they really do to you? You’re hosted at and it would take Cheney-levels of access to interfere with your blog. You’re pretty safe.

    It IS true that every time you stop an injustice from occurring you put yourself on the radar of the crooks, but you are relatively invulnerable here.



    sanjidabd: Hehe hey man, sorry it took me so long, but I finally made a response to you on my blog. It will be interesting what you will place on your new page ;)

    raincoaster: Wow, I actually didn’t think of it that way. Oh and that is an excellent point! My blog is extremely protected! As it’s no where on my computer but in some server all the way across the world!!

    Thank you for reassuring me. Looking forward to keeping up my splog death crusade haha! (10 mofo’s down and counting + the 1 splogger who removed the content)

    Cheers! :)

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