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    Does publishing a blog in WordPress assure me some copyright (international) to my texts?



    This is the link to the ToS but
    There are many threads in the forum searchbox illustrating that blog scrapers do not respect copyright. They steal blog content and place it on their sites so they can gain money from advertising their ill gotten gains.
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    The text you write is yours. If you put in images that you created yourself, they’re yours. All the rest is most likely someone else’s (stuff like the layout, the blogging software, etc.).


    As a general rule, I suggest adding a copyright statement to a text widget and placing that text widget at the top of the sidebar. Some bloggers have complete “legal” pages with comment policies, disclaimers, copyright notices and the like.

    That said, if it is your work, and you post it on your blog, then it is copyrighted regardless of whether you have a statement or not.

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