Coraline A two sidebar widget question. Can I run widgets down both sides?

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    Oh great knights of the WordPress realm, help this lowly page with his web page…….

    Take a look at my pulmonary website and portal for critical care fiction.

    I have changed to Coraline. 2011 only had one side bar. I wanted two side bars but I want more than site admin and log out there on the right. I do not know how to put widgets over there. The widget page of the dashboard shows only two widgets on the right and a primary which I don;t know where it would go. I don’t care about bottom spaces. I have a running blog ad infinitum to scroll back through. I think bottom access wont be seen. I want my energy up top…..with the first look of the visitor.

    What I want is 8 image widgets down the right side. I have one image widget posted there, see?

    I also want 8 down the left side.

    How do I make it so?

    Thank you all for the great support you provide to make this effort a success…..truly and heartfelt.

    (email redacted)

    The blog I need help with is



    Revision: There are primary and secondary widget and a FEATURED widget for the LEFT side and none itemized for the RIGHT side of the page. Help me solve this conundrum oh wise knights.


    Sidebar layouts explained here:

    You select the layout you prefer in Appearance > Theme Options, and add each widget to the widget area you prefer.

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