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    I am wanting to have a menu bar underneath the header with info about the group in this menu bar. Then along the right side, I want a menu bar where I can post pages. At present all page posts go to the header menu. If I use the page widget, the stuff I want in the header menu goes to the sidebar? Can I have 2 menus in Coraline — one on top and one along the side?

    The blog I need help with is



    See here:

    This is an idea that might work for you. Make a custom menu with no links and set it as your primary menu. Then make a custom menu with all your parent and child pages and put it into a menu widget.


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    You need to make custom menus. One custom menu with the pages you want in the top navigation (not a blank menu). Then one for the menu widget which you place in your sidebar.

    Here is info about custom menus:


    I must still be missing something. I read and re-read this info. I’ve played with it to test my understanding and I’m still not getting success. It appears that I need a theme that will support more than 1 menu??? The message I am getting when I go to Manage Location is “your theme supports 1 menu. Select which one you want to use.” If I need a menu across the top and down the side, wouldn’t that be 2 menus?



    All themes can support multiple csutom menus if you use the custom menu widget.


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    Yes, coraline supports only one top navigation menu.

    But if you have a sidebar then you can use the custom menu widget there as well. In fact you can have many custom menu widgets in your sidebar.


    That makes sense. I think I’m getting closer to my answer! I have added a Custom menu widget for the side, but it doesn’t show up. Why? And any pages that I add show up in the top nav menu — how do I get them to show up in the sidebar area? And….in the sidebar area, I would like pages/parents along with subpages/children, etc. Can I do that with pages or should I be doing that with posts?

    And thank you all for your patience and answers!


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    Did you make a custom menu for the custom menu widget? If you don’t tell the widget what you want in it, then it won’t show anything. (computers can be really stupid: you have to tell them exactly what you want them to do!)

    You also need to make a custom menu for your top navigation. Please study the links I gave you about how to make custom menus:


    I have studied them…..over and over — maybe too much!! And no where does it tell me how to make a parent page, such as is shown on this link:


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    When you are making a custom menu, you make child pages by dragging them to the right.
    On the left, there is a module or box with the title “pages.” You can choose “most recent, view all, or search.” Check or click the squares next to the page titles you want to add to a menu. Then click add to menu in the bottom of that box. They will appear in the list of items which will show on your menu. If you want child pages, then click and drag the title of the page to the right so it is indented. Repeat for all child pages. You can also click and drag the titles up or down to get your menu into the order you want.

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