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Coraline appearance

  1. I just switched to Coraline, and have a strange problem with the appearance. No matter what layout I choose, the widgets in the sidebars (and yes, I've put things in each widget area), the sidebars are blank on the main page. If you select an individual post or category, the sidebars are there just fine.

    How do I get the sidebars to show content on the main page?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. And no, I'm not using custom css or custom background image.

  3. Hi whitepebble, I think it might have been something to do with your Theme Options. You had chosen a category for posts with galleries, but one of the posts in that category ( didn't have a gallery, so it caused an error.

    I changed the option back to normal to fix the issue.

  4. Thanks Lance, but I'm still having the same problem with the opening page. I even deleted the post with the problem picture. I am also not getting the usual WP top menubar that appears at the top page when I'm logged in to WP. I've also looked at it with different browsers (Safari is main, also tried chrome and firefox -- still get same strangeness).

    Let me know if there's anything else I can try.



  5. More strangeness... switched my other blog ( to Coraline, and it looks fine.

  6. OK, managed to fix it... Thanks!

  7. @whitepebble We've fixed the issue, and I re-activated your "photographs" category, which should work correctly now as the "Gallery" category. Let us know if you see any other issues.

  8. My blog has switched to coraline without my permission. I've lost all my widgits and my site looks terrible. Any idea what is going on?

  9. I liked the idea of a 3 column layout, however now my custom header only spans two columns, the left and middle. I don't want to stretch it and I can't really make it longer without some art intervention. Is there a way to center it?

  10. @nikkigreer
    What's going on is that the Cutline theme has been replaced by the Coraline theme.

    If you do have the CSS upgrade then please visit this sticky post at the head of the forum >

    If you do Not have the CSS upgrade then please visit this sticky post at the head of the forum >

    Hope this helps.

  11. @machetera
    I see exactly what you mean. Your blog requires Staff intervention. Please post into this sticky thread at the head of the forum >

  12. @timethief That isn't a bug. Just needs a larger image. :)

    @machetera Your image isn't wide enough to span the three columns. You can replace it (via Appearance > Header) with an image that is 990 x 180 pixels if you would like it to be across all three columns.

  13. I need help - my headlines all disappeared after I switched to Coraline. Whassup with that??? Thanks - J.

  14. @jomaj -- Go to Appearance > Theme Options, and look "Aside Category" and "Gallery Category" and change both to the top-most option ("Select a category...").

    Those two options give special display values to posts in those categories, which in the case of Asides removes the title of the post.

  15. Hello,
    I've just switched to Coraline Theme and for the most part I'm quite happy. However, it doesn't seem to handle tables properly,

    Firstly, they seem to expand width-wise, so much so that they spill over into the side-bar. It doesn't obey the width attribute.

    Secondly, when using the visual editor with a table that contain images, those images expand to their full size (as uploaded), rather than obeying the width and height attributes specified for the images. The result is an astronomically large table (4000 pixels wide, but only in the editor.)

  16. @knashermac2009:

    Re no.1, see here:

    Re no.2, doesn't happen in my tests blog. Please link to a post with the problem in question.

  17. Also see here in case you want to get rid of the borders:

  18. WTF?

    OK, I just got switched to Coraline and it erased all my wdigets and a lot of other stuff. Help me. That's tons of work just gone now. Where are my widgets?

  19. Ok, i figured out how to drag the wdigets back over, but now I have a big problem.

    I accidentally dragged a widget from INACTIVE to AVAILABLE, thus erasing all its data.

    How can I recover this widget?

  20. I don't believe that you can.

  21. knashermac2009


    Thanks - I saw that the theme has 24px padding in cells.Yikes! Fortunately I had purchased the CSS upgrade, so have overriden the padding.

    Table borders are another issue and I don't think any solution that involves editing all the tables is a practical one (I have hundreds).

    My 2nd problem with the visual editor would be difficult to demonstrate....

  22. knashermac2009

    OK - its not so difficult to demonstrate.

    1. Insert a table (a single cell will do) and insert a previously uploaded image. Now (try to) re-size the image (either with the grab-handles or by setting the size explicitly). The visual editor does not show this change in size, even though if you publish/update the post, your image size is as you'd hoped.

    Even though the table looks correct, the visual editor gets it wrong if you subsequently edit the post.

    i.e. visual editor is always using the original image size - it is not taking notice of the width and height attributes.

  23. @knashermac2009: If you have the CSS upgrade, you can correct the border thing too.

    As for the visual editor bug, it has to do with the images themselves, not the tables. If you delete the size attribute from the image code, then the image will behave.

  24. knashermac2009

    Hmmmmm - I have around 1000 pages, many with tables. I guess I only need to do this mod when I edit the post though.

    Thanks panaghiotisadm - I'll try it out.

  25. knashermac2009

    OK - I tried out your suggestion regarding a table. I'm afraid its worse! Without the image attributes for width and height, the table then expands in my post to 1500 wide (3 cells, each with an image that was uploaded at 500wide). Adding a width attribute to the table makes no difference. The visual editor is also completely unuseable.

    Thanks for the suggestions, but I think this needs someone to do some simple examples with the Coraline Theme.

    I'm not convinced that CSS can help with the table border thingy. My problem was that tables that had a border specified, were not showing those borders.I would be looking for a CSS fix that:
    a) Showed my tables with borders if they had them. border="1"
    b) Showed my tables without borders if I hadn't asked for them. border="0"

    Is that too much to ask of Coraline? :-)

  26. I didn't mean delete width and height: delete the part that says "size-medium" or the like.

  27. knashermac2009

    My apologies. I get you now.

    Thanks panaghiotisadm. Visual editor can now be made to behave.

  28. jekerjazzmaastricht

    hi, experiencing some troubles as well. the second post doesn't have a permalink nor post title. and then when i posted a picture and a link to a picasa slideshow, only the url, the home page suddenly shows "this gallery shows 1 photo" which is pretty annoying, especially when i posted a new entry and it says the same thing.

    at the bottom it then says 'more galleries'.

    how can i switch this off? i also can't remember having switched anything on.

    thanks in advance for helping out

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