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Coraline - Begging For A Change

  1. boomersandbooks

    I'm just begging the powers that be or whoever makes changes to the themes to change the Coraline theme so that it shows who the author for each post is, and not just the date it was posted. Pleeeease. I have just set up a collaborative blog which already has 7 different authors. I've used the author widget in the sidebar which shows the most recent posts for each author, but the names really need to be attached to each post. So pretty please, can it be changed?

    And since I'm begging already, it would also be nice if I could sort the order the authors are shown in when using the author widget, rather than just have them appear in the order they were added. But really, that's not a big deal compared to the first request. I desperately need to have the author's name attached to each post.

    I tried a bunch of other themes, but nothing worked as well as Coraline for what we want to do and how we want it to be set up.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi Lee,
    The author display isn't an option... yet. I say "yet" because we're working on including it soon based on whether a site has more than one published authors. Those that don't, won't see it; those that do, will see the author and link to view all the author's posts.

    We didn't include it in Coraline out of the box because our goal was to match it's predecessor, Cutline—which didn't have the author display.

    I cannot promise it will be this week or next, but likely in the near future.

  3. @sinclairstories
    While you are waiting I have some options that you may want to consider.
    1. provides Authors widgets. The widget can display the names or avatars of all your blog’s authors, links to a list of all their former posts, as well as links to posts they’ve recently written.

    2. provides an Authors grid widget. The Author Grid Widget is a great way to showcase your blog’s authors in your sidebar. The widget displays the avatars of all your blog’s authors, which link to a list of posts they’ve each written.

    3. You can create a category for each author's name and have them assign that category to every post they create and publish. That way readers can locate all posts by an author by clicking their name in the categories widget display.

  4. boomersandbooks

    Thanks, lance, I'll be waiting anxiously for it. I'm trying to convince the authors to add their bylines to the main part of the post, but so far I have been unsuccessful.

    Timethief, I appreciate the suggestions. I had looked at both options and I am using the author widget. But this doesn't help for feeds or email subscriptions. I decided against using the author grid widget.

    Overall, I do really like the Coraline theme for it's flexibility and the widgets it offers and only had this one serious problem with it.

  5. Actually Coraline did display the author at first (when viewing a single post), and they hid it after ex-Cutline users complained. If you have the CSS upgrade you can make it visible again by adding this to your CSS:

    .byline { display:inline;position:static;margin-right:4px; }

  6. I just would like to second the request for this feature. Otherwise - great theme.

  7. @sinclairstories

    But this doesn't help for feeds or email subscriptions.

    If you want a temporary solution you can create a Category for each authors name and assign that Category to the aappropriate post. Then readers can subscribe to the feed for the Category.

    This is the format for a category feed on blogs:

  8. boomersandbooks

    Thanks everyone. After subscribing to our blog, I discovered that the author's name is attached to the email subscriptions, which is good, but of course, it still doesn't show up on the individual posts on our website. So I'll keep waiting for the change to the template. In the meantime, figuring out how things work and setting up our blog is keeping us busy.

    I'm actually using individual author name categories for each author so they can make an introductory post which has their author bio and book information because I couldn't figure out a way to let them set up their own individual pages unless I gave them extra editing privileges. Since we have so many authors, it would get too messy if they were all given full editor privileges. What would be fantastic is if I could assign full editor privileges on a per page and per user basis. Just dreaming....

  9. You're welcome from me. :)

  10. I just want to say I agree with the desire to have authors names attached to each post. I hope it's coming soon.

  11. I would also really like to have authors names attached to each post. I hope it's coming soon, as well.

  12. @lance

    I wanted to switch to Coraline but (from the theme's description/page) there does not appear to be a way to define a background color of a blockquote to better distinguish a quote from the rest of the text. Is that correct?

    If you happen to be taking change requests on Coraline, mine would be to allow background color for blockquotes...

  13. @utahrattler That is correct. You could change any of the theme colors using Custom CSS, though. Learn more:

  14. Thanks! I never expected an answer that fast.

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