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Coraline - change link colour

  1. I find the whole customising theme thing confusing so anyone tell me is there a way to change the link colours in the Coraline theme? Ive looked everywhere so maybe it's only a paid feature? Thanks x

    The blog I need help with is

  2. sensuouscurmudgeon

    You can just use plain old HTML to change the title of the link within the link code. This would make the title appear red:

    <font color="red">link title</font>

  3. CSS editing is a paid feature only, unless the theme has an option to change link color. Just look around to find if there's an option for that, or else you'll have to buy an upgrade.

    Personally I don't recommend using the html code in posts just to do this task - it's a waste of time and very incovenient when you decide to change theme in the future.

  4. Oh no I dont want to have to go into each post. I just want to change the like the catagories colour writing etc. I cant find anything so it must be a paid thing only?

  5. Hi glitterwishes,

    Yes, you can change the link colors with CSS, available through our Custom Design upgrade.

  6. I have done it check my blog

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