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    Can I change the bright blue color used for the tag cloud etc? I only see color options for background and title.

    The blog I need help with is


    I looked at your theme, and when you say Tag Cloud etc, if you mean all the blue active links (which do clash with your background) this is what you would need to add to your CSS, changing the colors to ones that go with your theme. Be aware that the “a” means that this is a link color, so choose something that plays well with your theme but still alerts your user that it IS a link. If you just want to select specific areas to change, then we will need to identify other code. Personally I think they all need changing. This is the code you will want to put in EXCEPT you will replace the color numbers with the numbers for your chosen color. See the w3 color picker for just one source on colors (

    a { color:#0060ff;}
     a:visited { color:#333;}
    a:hover { color:#df000}


    Thanks very much for the quick response. I did change the background a bit and the blue color is now at least readable. And yes, I meant to change all of the active links to a single color, other than the blue. So if I want to do that, do I need to identify all of the areas that are currently blue? I am really at the pre-school level on this stuff. And if I do this once do I have to do it again every time??? Thanks in advance.


    I identified the links in the code I provided. You paste that in your CSS customization box, changing the colors to something that works with your theme. You can then do a preview to see how it looks.



    Great, thanks


    Let us know if that works for you.


    You are going to LOVE the custom colors feature. It shows up when you have purchased the Custom Design upgrade for your blog.

    You can see how it works on this help page:

    Check out the video at the bottom of the page!

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