Coraline does not respond to MENU actions…..

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    I used my text blog to see what CORALINE looks and acts like. I noticed that there are six tabs (pages) at the top of the header picture and wanted to whittle them down to just two. I went to Dashboard > Menus. Then I selected all the pages and clicked “Add to Menu” (or whatever it says.) I then saw all of the pages in the new configuration and indented all but one, so that those would all be nestled under the ABOUT tab. I clicked Save.

    When I checked the Home Page, I saw that those actions did not change anything. I still have six separate tabs on the header.

    Does Coraline support menus? What did I do wrong?


    The blog I need help with is



    Does Coraline support menus? The answer is “yes”. See here please >

    Currently, the following themes have this feature enabled: Twenty Ten, Structure, Vostok, Bueno, Enterprise, Notepad, Paperpunch, MistyLook, Under the Influence, Vigilance, Greyzed, Wu Wei, Blix, Cutline, Freshy, Contempt, Ambiru, Digg3, Koi, Modularity Lite, and Coraline.

    If you wish to reduce the number if static pages from 6 to 2 there are two ways to do this. Either delete the pages you do not want. Or assign 4 pages to become “child pages” of the remaining pages.


    I think you can construct a custom menu, consisting of only the pages you want to show up. Then name it your “Primary menu” in the box to the left. In the box to the right you should activate the “Primary menu” tab. That should place only your specially constructed menu in the header.



    Hi There

    Did you indent these pages under the about page in the menu editor ? If possible could you please show us a screen shot so we can see the menu structure you have set up on the back end you can use Jing to take a screen shot and share…



    Slikbonez: Here is a screenshot of the Menu section of my Dashboard in my Test Blog. TimeThief and Sensuous Curudgeon: I did not yet do what you described, but will.
    Screenshot below:

    Unnecessary HTML code removed by Slik,



    Okay this should fix the issue you will need to go back to the menu editor and on the left side very top you will see theme location you need to pick primary from the drop down window then click save underneath… For precaution reasons I would also click save menu on the right side afterwards…

    Here is a screenshot revised from yours

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