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    I really liked the header I had chosen, along with the background color. Now, the header image has change automatically. Is there a way to set a header to be “permanent”? Is there a way to see all of the images available to Coraline? I can only see three at a time. I know there were (are) some nice Fall-ish shots that would work well right now.


    The blog I need help with is


    The version of coraline used here as far as I know only had the three headers that are shown. If there were more, they would show up on the appearance > header page.



    I am certain there was a fall shot. Of a leafy road and someone walking in a distance. Totally not one of my options now. Must be losing my mind.



    And I know I had picked a scene with a red ceiling and changed the page background to match. It was lovely, and then it was gone without my doing anything. Maybe I am sleep-editing or something. ;-)


    The leafy road with someone walking in the distance is on the Twenty Ten theme, not on Coraline.



    @lifeworthy It looks like you maybe are thinking of Twenty Ten, which has many more header image options including the ones you mentioned.

    You may have enabled the custom background when you were using Twenty Ten. Unfortunately when you switch themes the header image and background settings do not transfer over. But, the per-theme settings should be saved if you were to decide to go back to Twenty Ten.

    Here’s your site with a red header and red background:



    Thank you!!!

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