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    I have a and am looking at the css upgrade. On Coraline, the page title displays on each page, below the header image. I tried to hide it with this:

    .entry-title h1 {display: none;}

    but no luck. any ideas?



    The blog I need help with is


    Can we please have a link to the blog so that we can take a look for you?



    thanks–here it is:


    Try this and then check the blog page and other pages.

    .hentry h1 {display:none;}


    It doesn’t take it down on your static front page since that title is an h2, and h2 is also used for the post titles so they go away as well.

    I’m sure there is a way to do it, but we will have to hope Luke Hall comes through. He is really good with the advanced end of CSS and will probably be able to do it for you.



    got it–yes the .hentry got me most of the way there–hopefully there’s a nice fix for the Home one. thanks again for your help.


    You’re welcome. The home title is going to take a little wizardry, but I’m certain it can be done by Luke.

    I need to step my CSS’ing up a bit. I can do 95% of what I need to do, but some themes are using techniques now that I’ve not needed to deal with yet.



    To get rid of the “Home” title from your static home page but leave the post titles on your blog entries intact you can use the code below. Let me know if it doesn’t quite fix everything for you.

    .home h2.entry-title {display:none;}


    You da man.



    Haha! I just poke about in the HTML with Firebug until I find what I need. After doing it for a while you’ll notice similarities between themes. This method would work in the Sandbox theme too which is the one I’m most familiar with hence the quick discovery. CSS isn’t too complicated once you know all the tools you’ve got at your disposal and there’s plenty of experts out there who share tutorials on how to accomplish the trickier bits. The CSS guide (good browser-compatability checks) along with the W3C details (more technical) are the best references I’ve found so far.


    I use Firebug, which is what makes me look better than I actually am. I’ve even done some pretty complete reworks of Joomla templates, which have CSS files about 10 times as long and complex as wordpress theme templates, and for the most part, like you say, I just root around in the HTML till I find what I need.

    It wasn’t until just now that I saw where you got the .home from in your code, which is in the opening body tag. I simply hadn’t looked that far up. I got hung up down in the .entry-title area.


    I was just Firebugging this, and this seems to work where the one you gave Luke, doesn’t for me.

    .home h2 {display:none; }



    the first one

    .home h2.entry-title {display:none;}

    worked for me.

    dang you guys are good! many thanks.



    ah, found a subtle problem with this:

    .hentry h1 {display:none;}

    for suppressing the page title. for a permalink to a blog entry,
    for example:

    the blog title looks like an H1, and it seems to be called “entry-title” just like the regular page title is on other pages. is there some way to get the blog title to display, but not have the H1 page name displaying on other pages?


    Paul, try this then.

    .page .hentry h1 {

    It appears to work, at least in Firebug.



    yes, that did the trick. thanks again Richard.


    You’re welcome.

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