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Coraline page sub-headings

  1. Does anyone know what the identifier is in the Coraline theme for the page sub-heading? On my blog it's the line saying 'Food, food...' etc. I want to change the font using typekit but I'm not sure of the appropriate identifier?



    The blog I need help with is

  2. Thought I had found it, #site-description, but this is having no effect when used through the typekit kit editor.

  3. You mean the tagline. It's #site-description alright. At the moment your blog's title and tagline are in the same font (not the default one for Coraline). Perhaps you need to clear your browser's cache?

  4. @ panaghiotisadam - thank you! I got that working in the end. Then wanted to italicise but was stupidly using 'font-weight' and not 'font-style' in the CSS. That is also now OK.

    I would now like to change the font for post headings, any idea how they are identified? H1, H2 and H3 don't seem to work.


  5. You're welcome. Try this:
    .entry-content h1,.entry-content h2,entry-content h3

    If you mean post titles:
    .entry-title,.entry-title a

    If you're using Firefox, you should add the Aardvark and Firebug addons: help you identify selectors.

  6. Thanks, I will give that a go. I think I do mean post titles. I'll let you know...

  7. .entry-title has got it, thanks.

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