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Coraline page sub-headings

  1. whatsforteatonightdear

    Does anyone know what the identifier is in the Coraline theme for the page sub-heading? On my blog it's the line saying 'Food, food...' etc. I want to change the font using typekit but I'm not sure of the appropriate identifier?



    The blog I need help with is

  2. whatsforteatonightdear

    Thought I had found it, #site-description, but this is having no effect when used through the typekit kit editor.

  3. You mean the tagline. It's #site-description alright. At the moment your blog's title and tagline are in the same font (not the default one for Coraline). Perhaps you need to clear your browser's cache?

  4. whatsforteatonightdear

    @ panaghiotisadam - thank you! I got that working in the end. Then wanted to italicise but was stupidly using 'font-weight' and not 'font-style' in the CSS. That is also now OK.

    I would now like to change the font for post headings, any idea how they are identified? H1, H2 and H3 don't seem to work.


  5. You're welcome. Try this:
    .entry-content h1,.entry-content h2,entry-content h3

    If you mean post titles:
    .entry-title,.entry-title a

    If you're using Firefox, you should add the Aardvark and Firebug addons: help you identify selectors.

  6. whatsforteatonightdear

    Thanks, I will give that a go. I think I do mean post titles. I'll let you know...

  7. whatsforteatonightdear

    .entry-title has got it, thanks.

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