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Coraline Problem: Blank Line Above & Below Image

  1. Disclosure: I'm a WordPress newbie with little experience with HTML (but do understand the theory behind it all and am learning as I go) and, after creating many bare-bones pages that will soon be spruced up have begun writing posts.

    Problem: When I insert a photo, captioned or not captioned, blank lines appear above or below the photograph AND often the text wrapping is totally whacked out. I understand from reading forum topics that, about a year ago, Coraline was having some problems with empty spaces that were attributed to a editor glitch.

    It seems, however, as if it was sorted out, since there are no recent conversations about the issue.

    So, it seems like I'm at fault, not the theme. What am I doing wrong? My posts look like heck.

    Thanks in advance for whatever advice and assistance you can give.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Since your site is private ( ), we volunteers cannot see it. Would it be possible to temporarily make it public (settings > privacy middle selection) so that we could take a look at an example of the problem?

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