Coraline theme randomly adds &nbsp!

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    Hi guys,
    since yesterday something rather strange is happening on my blog, that uses a CSS-customized versione of the Coraline theme. Everytime I publish a post, the system automatically adds “&nbsp” before and after the whole text. I have to modify the post (via HTML visualization) once that has been published, hoping that the systems stops putting those dreadful “&nbsp” at its will!
    That’s something totally unexpected: I’ve been using the theme and this CSS for the last three months without any problem at all…

    The blog I need help with is



    Its not the coraline theme. It is a nasty bug in the visual editor.

    WordPress are keeping very quite about it, but I wish they’d tell us when it will be fixed.



    Thanks tandava. Hope things will be fixed soon, pretty annoying…



    It’s happening to many, if not all when using the visual editor. When posting or putting in a new page, I find that switching to the HTML view, then updating keeps the problem from occurring; otherwise, as you say, updating within the visual editor can put ” ” in all over the place and messes up all the layout!

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