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    My site with the Coraline theme has a lot of white space on each side of the page content, both on the blog and on static pages. When I view the demo version of the Coraline theme the content area is much wider than on mine. I want to make my content wider and eliminate the extra white space on the left and right sides. I have searched the forum and every option in my dashboard and haven’t found how to fix this. Could someone advise me, please? Thanks very much!

    The blog I need help with is


    Sorry, the site didn’t link. It is



    Coraline has several alternative layouts (selected in Appearance > Theme Options). The demo is wider than your blog because it’s using a two-sidebar layout while you’re using a one-sidebar layout.
    If you mean you want to make your content wider without adding the second sidebar, you can’t do it without the Custom Design upgrade. You could switch to a wider theme instead.
    The white space left and right isn’t fixed: the theme is centered in relation to the browser window, so the amount of space left and right depends on each visitor’s screen resolution.


    justpi, thank you very much for explaining this so clearly – I really appreciate it!



    You’re welcome!

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