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correct link connecting

  1. I have inserted a correct link in my blog entry on the feature page of stolen moments of island time at Yet when I click on it as any visitor to my blog is expected to do in order to connect and see the flash animation at that site my mozilla/firefox browser says it can not find the link and suggests it may be incorrectly spelled. This is absolutely wrong. I know that for a fact because I have another tab open and I can view the flash animation on it just fine. The link is The question is: what to do?

  2. You've got a space in the link after the two slash marks and colon. It needs to be removed. :)

    Hope this helps,

  3. YES! Thank you very much drmike. The link to the flash is now working. I do have another question along the same line though. The feature post has many links in it. I thought if I inserted at the beginning of each one and at the end that they would then become operational, functional or whatever the correct term is to indicate that visitors to my blog could click on them and arrive at the appropriate site. Well, I just checked out some and got the same message I did on the flash one. I can't see any missing spaces in the code. So is the verdict that I must go back and remove all the code thingees and link each one in order to make them work? [She asked in a very small plaintive voice because there are probably 75 or more of them.] Rats! the program is removing the thingees I'm referring to.

  4. Sigh. No need to answer because I just edited the little sideways carat thingees out on one of them and linked the string and it worked just fine. I will now do the rest - all 75 or more of them. [She said sadly.]

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