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Correct method to repost?

  1. When I reposted a post by editing the timestamp, the original post then returned a 404 not found. Is there a method to repost? Without copying and pasting all the cats and tags?
    Searched the FAQ with 'repost' no help.

  2. Editing just the timestamp shouldn't have changed that unless it was a draft previously. Can you post the relevant URLs here, both before and after?

  3. I think it is too late.

    The original post was sept 23, then I reposted it by changing the timestamp, The new post showed up, but the url to the old post on sept 23rd showed a 404. So I just reversed the process. So I cannot send 2 URLs now.

    I'll do a test when i am on broadband.

  4. Try editing the permalink. Yes, changing the date will cause the permalink to change if you don't edit the permalink.

  5. Thank You Vivian, that sounds like it will work.

  6. Well editing the permalink is not an option because one has no access to the date part of the URL, only the words after it.

  7. Sorry - I forgot about the date being fixed in the permalink.

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