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Correct number of followers not showing on our blogs

  1. we had over 600 followers on one blog yesterday morning and over 300 on another and now we have only 26 showing on one and 38 on the other. It is inconceivable to think that they could all have stopped following on the same day. Is there a glitch on wordpress?
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  2. go to setting<sharing <and go to your accounts facebook or twitter, then set option and save

  3. I just had the same experience: lost 200 followers in 24 hours. How can I get these followers back? I have no idea who they are, which is very stressfull. Many thanks in advance for your help!

  4. I just did what 'catezapp' has advised to do and now I'm up to 93 followers. Still looking for my lost 200...

  5. do the same,with the twitter account,ant other services you may have

  6. Thanks catezapp managed to get back most of our followers, still missing a couple of hundred but I am sure they will turn up :D

  7. Sticky post - head of forum - Publicize Follower Counts not showing, or showing incorrectly

  8. underthecoverofprayer

    We have a different problem. We are showing 734 followers - we do NOT have that many even when you add blog, email, Facebook and Twitter. Where are these people and how can we find out who they are.

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