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Correct plural forms in "* like this post" strings

  1. I've seen lately some strings that contains "like this post" at its end (probably from admin bar) but none of them is using correct plural form and instead is one form for singularity and one from plurality.

    You should fix this before it's translated and released to public.

  2. It has been released to public. Too late.

  3. Where you see it? I don't see it anywhere. (it is not what we already have for months in admin bar, strings I'm talking about are different)

  4. @Miladin
    Would you like to contact Staff directly?

  5. vanillalounge follows this forum and he is part of the staff responsible for localizations so I think I don't need to contact them directly.

  6. Okay I just haven't seen him posting lately that's why I asked. :)

  7. Now it has been really released to public.

  8. @miladin, it being public does not mean it cannot be corrected ;) Could you just confirm that these are the strings we are talking about (only plural, no singular):

    Thanks for the patience

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