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Correct uses of "comment" and "reply" button on posts and pages

  1. shadowoperator

    I've noticed that on my Home page (which contains my posts) I have both a "comment" button and a "reply" button. Are both of these for the consumer of my site, or is the "comment" button for them and the "reply" button for me to respond to what they say? Is the dialogue stored for others to see as well? And on the pages other than my first, pages which don't contain posts but rather PDF files, whom is the "reply" button for, and why is there not obvious way to dialogue? Thanks for answering.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The "rpely" button provided the opportunity to reply to a spsicfic commenter's comment. That is enabled when we choose to set up defaults for discussion and choose to have "threaded comments" ie. "nested comments" on this page > Settings > Discussion > Other Comment Settings

    See 4. here >

  3. oops! "reply" is what I meant to type above.

  4. shadowoperator

    Thanks much! I'll look it up. shadowoperator

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