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    The words on my right side-bar widget “Recent Posts” are not breaking properly. See:

    How can I correct that?


    The blog I need help with is



    I have visited your blog but I’m not clear by what you mean. Please expand and provide details so we can sort this out.



    Yes, in the upper right-hand corner it looks like this:

    Recent posts

    Buddhist Anti-Intellectual
    Fanged Dialogue
    X-Buddhistic Hallucinatio

    How can I correct the letter breaks?


    WordPress puts non-breaking spaces between the last two words in a title to keep from having orphaned single words on a line, but in this case, with the last word being a long one, that causes the problem you are experiencing. Sometimes there is something that can be done to fix this and sometime not. In this case I can’t see any trick to use to fix the issue.

    This is also somewhat dependent on what browser is being used and the settings in individual browsers. On Safari, I don’t see the breaks in the words, but in Firefox I do (both set at normal zoom level, both with the same base font settings in preferences).


    You can edit the post title and replace the space between the last two words with the HTML for a breaking space:
    & ensp;
    (without the space after the ambersand)



    Thanks, panaghiotisadam. I tried that, and the & ensp; ended up showing in the title. Is & ensp; correct, and should it go in the blog title, or did I do something stupid (entirely likely!)?

    When you say “without the space after the ambersand,” do you mean between the first ; and e? And should the code go somewhere other than the title?

    I am new to WordPress, so my apologies for my ignorance.



    Oh, I just saw the original code. (It looked different as an email message.) I’ll try that.


    & e n s p ;
    Without any space between any of the characters.
    And I meant edit the post, put that in the post title box instead of the actual space before the last word, click Update. Please try it in a post and let us know which post it is so we can check the result.
    What browser are you using?



    Great! It worked. Thanks a million.


    You’re welcome!


    @panos, thanks for coming to the rescue. Using a breaking space (again) completely slipped my mind.




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