Corrupted Stats for early 2009

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    Just had a look through my stats and noted a significant change in early 2009 stats. At the time I was averaging around 30000/month, and in the past week or two (can’t quite remember last time I looked), the numbers for Jan 2009 – April seems to have changed significantly.

    Sep 08 24,577
    Oct 08 27,718
    Nov 08 28,343
    Dec 08 29,996
    Jan 09 57,076
    Feb 09 47,367
    Mar 09 56,824
    Apr 09 47,708
    May 09 28,570
    Jun 09 29,883
    Jul 09 27,179
    Aug 09 31,162

    Not that I’m complaining if it is right, but it is a significant change in old stats that doesn’t look right/consistent indicates something might have broken.

    Of course, if it is right – where did they all go come the end of April?!!!

    The blog I need help with is



    Hello there,
    Volunteers answering forum questions cannot help with issues like yours. Though it may not be helpful here’s the relevant link to the support entry > and here’s the contact link for Staff



    Yes, there was a stats glitch yesterday that inflated the numbers for the first few months of 2009. It’s gone now. Your stats for those months should have returned to normal. If they do not, contact support and they will fix it for you.



    Fixed – thanks!

    And no, unlike some claims, there isn’t some underlying conspiracy!

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