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Coryright Clarifications

  1. So I want to copyright my blog I am getting ready to publish. I read some forum discussions and support articles and I still have a few questions:

    I understand that a minute my blog gets published, it will be copyrighted. WordPress.COM does not own the copyright but I do.

    Questions 1: even if I don't use my own name, can I copyright via my blog nickname/penname? or does it have to be by my real name?

    Questions 2: In regards to the copyright statement, I don't seem to be able to put the statement next to "Theme by Reddle WordPress theme". My blog is still by www.(my blogname) When i tried to put the copyright statement at footer using text wiget, it goes to a different footer, not with where it says "theme by....". Is it becasue I use or is it because of the Theme I picked?

  2. The create of any intellectual property holds copyright for their creation automatically without applying for copyright.
    1. Yes, you hold copyright and no it does not matter if you blog under a pseudonym -- you are the creator.

    2. You can place your copyright notice in a text widget and display it at the bottom of your sidebar.

    To place it in the footer will requires an annually renewable custom design upgrade and the required CSS editing but the existing footer info and links cannot be removed.

  3. It takes the CSS upgrade to allow you to append your copyright notice to the footer - important note - you can't replace the footer credits - most people just put the notice (sometimes the notice is a link to a page with a longer notice) - also some people have the copyright notice at the bottom of each Post or Page.

  4. ~~TT - so much for my typing speed -

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  6. LOL, 2 minutes difference! thank you both for the prompt response. So if i want my copyright symbol and statement appear next to "blog by WordPress" or whatever it says at the footer, i have to upgrage.

    does the upgrage to CCS includes new doman so that my blog address won't be "(something)

  7. Hello agin,
    Yes, to the first question but why bother? I have had my copyright notice in a text widget for over 6 years and don't care that it's not in the footer. I also have a copyright page >

    No, to the second question. Domain mapping is a separate upgrade.

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