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Cost of Domain Mapping

  1. theblackwidower

    So, I currently have two active blogs on One hosts my inane ramblings and reviews of games and movies and TV Shows. The other hosts fanfiction.

    I've been thinking of getting a domain, just because it feels needed. But since I have two blogs, I guess it complicates things a bit.

    Here's what I'm thinking: I want to put one site at the top, but the other site, I want as a subdomain. But I want to know if it's worth it, price-wise.

    So, does anyone know? Will they charge me the full $13 to map a blog to a subdomain on a domain that's already hosted by

    The blog I need help with is

  2. There is no two for one deal.

    Domain Registration is a paid upgrade that costs $18.00 per domain ($25.00 for .me domains), per blog, per year. You can register as many domains as you want on the same blog, but you have to pay for each registration separately.

    Mapping a subdomain with the Domain Mapping Upgrade costs $13.00 per subdomain, per blog, per year.

  3. theblackwidower

    Well, when you use the phrase 'two for one' it almost sounds stupid.

    That's heartbreaking to me since there was never any practical reason to split up my blog, and now it'll cost me an extra $13/mo to domain it all because I just wanted to segregate my fiction.

    Gonna have to think about this. Thanks.

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