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    I’m using the free version of Dara template, I’m not able to change the “tag more” on my posts.
    How can I do it? Is there a simple way to do it?



    Hi @fovelsy,

    To customize your “more tag” you can follow the directions in the support page link below (specifically Step #3):




    Hi fovelsy – the “More” customization option is only available when using the manually added More tag. If you prefer to use the automatic excerpts created through the Customizer’s Content Options settings to display the excerpt (instead of the full post), it’s not possible set your own text.

    To clarify, was the issue that the “More” text was being displayed on your site in English, instead of Italian? If so, there’s a way to solve that problem. :)

    At the moment, 76% of Dara’s text strings (such as “Read more”) have been translated into Italian. Translations go live when they are at least 85% complete, so it would be great to get Italian over that threshold.

    If you’d like to contribute to making the translation more complete, you can start by filling in missing translations here in GlotPress, our translation tool:

    Just let me know here when you’re done and I will ask our team to have the translations verified by one of the Italian validators and set to go live.

    Thanks in advance for helping make Dara’s Italian translation more complete.



    Thank you both for your help! :) I changed it!



    OK! If you decide to add the missing Italian translations instead (so you can use the option in the Customizer instead of having to manually add a more tag to each post) just reply back here to let us know.

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