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*coughs Spam!* Help??

  1. Ok, there is this person that is spamming me in all these different languages, and so far he has spammed me about 1,400 times.... what should i do ?

  2. Unwanted comments are not "spam". Do not mark his comments as spam and confuse Akismet unless he is posting stuff like selling drugs and/or porno, etc.

    Moderate your comments and delete all of his. Eventually he will give up submitting them.

    You can blacklist his IP but I doubt that it will do any good at all because he will just get another one. -> Options-> Discussion
    scroll down to the blacklist box and enter the information and then click "Save Options"

  3. you can go to Dashboard > Comments, and copy his IP address. go to Dashboard > Options > Discussion. at the very bottom, in the "comment blacklist" field, paste his IP address.

  4. If one person has spammed you (you said spam) 1,400 times, then I would suggest they maybe are a spammer.....


  5. Thanks sunburnt.
    timethief, all of these spammers comments are alredy in Akismet....

  6. understood ... now -> blacklisting

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