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Could I get my old account back?

  1. Hi WordPress, my name's Vandhira and I think I would need a help from the team since I don't see any case that is the same with mine.

    Question: Could I get my old account back?

    Explanation: Back when I was still in elementary school, I decided to start a blog and my choice went to WordPress. It was when I just learned about internet. I made an account with the username "vanmonky" and the email address (as far as I remember) "[email redacted]". But, I dumped it and left it unused. *sorry*

    Now, several years later, I decided to make a personal blog and, again, my choice goes to WordPress. But I just realized that the username which I always use everywhere in the internet, "vanmonky", was ever used. And unfortunately, the email above was already deleted by myself because now I moved to gmail with a better email address.

    The problem is, I forgot the password. I also cannot request a new password because the email was already deleted. Dead end.

    Could I get my old account back? Because I feel uncomfortable using other username than "vanmonky". Trust me, I'm not a hacker. You can check my facebook (, twitter (, and my instagram ( They are all mine.

    Thanks for taking time to read this. If you need additional information, just contact me back. My email is [email redacted] and [email redacted], both is active. I'm waiting for the help.

  2. I've filled the form and I'm waiting for the reply. How many time it takes to give me the feedback?

    Thanks for the information. It helps a lot! :D

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