Could I get the html code for the Facebook like button?

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    So I’m fairly new to I’ve been working on my blog for a while and I’ve almost finished it’s layout. I have to say I appreciate all the forums and how user friendly everything is. Any problem I’ve had has been easier to figure out on my own, except this one obviously. I’ve come across a problem (mainly cosmetic) with the Facebook like box.

    I go to add it to my footer as the widget and it’s just a few things. Firstly it has a white or black background, is there no way that could have been transparent? (That’s not really a dealbreaker though) So just the picture words and button show? Secondly changing the width is good as I have narrowed it to 227 so it looks tight and neat, however the height is very off towards the bottom leaving a lot of blank area. And lastly I cannot centre align it (but to be honest I can live without being able to do that). I think the second point definitely makes the box look very uhhh shoddy? : \

    Alternatively I made a banner (picture) that links to my Facebook fanpage and I use the text/html widget to insert that, allowing me to centre it and put a line break above it using HTML so that it’s nested nicely below. That’s not the best though as clicking it doesn’t like my fan page as the button does in one foul swoop it just redirects people.

    I was wondering if maybe someone could help me with the html code so I could do the same with the Facebook like box as I did with the picture? I know you don’t allow some code for security reasons that’s why I’m asking (as some attempts to just bring it over from the Facebook developer site have failed).

    Thanks for your help, I know this is very wordy and the problem itself seems very insignificant but I’m a bit anal like that. My apologies.

    The blog I need help with is



    Also when I make one on the developer site, it’s quite easy to change the height of the box. I don’t really understand why that feature hasn’t been brought over.




    Thanks for writing to us. It’s not really possible to make these changes at this time, but we’ll definitely consider this for future updates. :-)

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