Could I pick your brains?

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    Hi I’m new here , I made a blog the other ‘still in the haven’t got a clue what to write/sleep deprived garbage stage’ its called incessantrambling and the image that went straight through my head was Owl from winnie the pooh. haha I know its wierd. so I put that as my heading. But I’m worried it looks a bit ‘gimpeh’ and feel I should change it something else, I thinking of having seasonal ones? I’m not sure, the ones on here are always good and really relevant I wonder if some of you guys could have a look at mine & give some suggestions?
    if you’ve read this thanks.

    The blog I need help with is


    Sorry, but this is the wrong place for self-marketing of your blog. Your best bet is to use Facebook and other social networking sites for your purpose.

    This is a forum for WordPress support issues and recommendations.

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