Could I please have my follow restriction removed

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    I had my ability to follow other WordPress blogs blocked a while back.

    This was due to following thousands of blogs when I first set this up.

    I can only apologise for this. Although I wasn’t aware was doing anything wrong at the time, I see now that spamming follows isn’t in the spirit of the community.

    Since then, I’ve grown as a blogger and author. and The Blogging Musician has taken off. I’ve taken on board guest bloggers. and collaborate with global guitar companies, including Line 6. I even self-published my first book and music album, all through this site.

    I’d love to at least follow back some of the 1400 WordPress followers and counting, just to return the favour.

    More than anything, it seems rude to just ignore these new readers

    I’ve learnt my lesson and turned my humble WordPress site in a resource community for guitarist, musicians and writers. I wouldn’t have been able to get this far with you.

    Could I please be given a second chance? A lifetime ban seems inappropriately harsh considering I’m a loyal user, now and going forward.

    I guarantee they’ll be no repeat of my previous actions.

    Yours Sincerely

    Adam (The Blogging Musician).

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi @adamharkus1, congrats on the successes you’ve had.

    Our following tool is meant to help you keep up with the sites you’re genuinely interested in reading regularly. It’s not meant as a tool to generate traffic, and it’s not even meant as a means to return favors to the people who are following you. Following isn’t a favor. And 1400 and counting sites would be a lot to keep up with anyway.

    I can see our system already granted you multiple chances to stop spamming before banning permanently. But you can still follow sites using another reader if you’d like.

    And if you’re looking to return a favor or strengthen your connection with your community, there are some other great options available to you.

    One idea:

    Look at your comments section. Check to see who is really interacting with your articles and leaving interesting feedback and ideas of their own. Look at their sites and articles. If someone has written something particularly cool, you can write about that article on your site and link to them. You could also do this by clicking through the profiles of some of your followers and finding interesting content that way. Do this periodically, and I’m sure that would mean a lot to other up-and-coming bloggers.

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