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Could I suggest a theme

  1. I am a charlotte mason homeschooling momma...and I would like a theme sort of like what is on this website... is that possible.....

  2. It came out in all x's for me. I couldn't see any images :(.

  3. you have to look for ready-made templates to suggest because thr's no one at wp who will design customised templates... another option is to look for an image of your choice and edit it so that you can use it as an image header in the regulus theme, which allows customised image headers

  4. There may also be copyright concerns as well. :)

    Here's a theme viewer if you want to poke around at it. Please note that chances are very few of these themes have been modified for the WordPress platform we're running here or widget support.

    Good luck,

  5. excuse me, I'm afraid the picture from a web-site mentioned may not suit very well to the Title and the Hostname you've chosen for your blog.

    however, Google Image Search on 'Bedlam' keyword may turn up several apropriate illustrations which can be placed on the front page of the blog. also, they seem to me quite consistent with the theme currently in use ('Solipsus').

  6. I went down that list when I setup my MU install. Just because they say they have widget support doesn't mean that they do or that it's correctly setup for it. ;)

    It's a good start though.

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