Could my account have been hacked?

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    A hacker may have accessed my WordPress account. Although no unapproved emails or posts have gone out, one visitor to my blog today arrived via a filesharing site that used my URL as their source link. There have also been a number of “malicious” comments left in my spam folder today. I updated the password to my account as well as the email address I use for the blog. Is there a way to verify the security of my account, and to confirm that nothing has been posted or emailed that shouldn’t have? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,

    I do not see any suspicious activity on your blog, no. Spam comments can range from just off-topic to hurtful, and these are typically caught correctly by the spam filter. If they are in your spam folder, there is no reason to think that they are personal in anyway – you can either delete them, or safely ignore them; they have already been marked as spam after all. After 15 days, a spammed comment is deleted from the folder permanently.

    It’s good practice to update your password regularly, and since you have already done this, I would say that you’re all set at this point.


    Thanks, zandyring. One of my concerns is that the filesharing site I mentioned, which seems to feature adult pictures, has my blog and one of my posts as their source link and description. The only thing in common is the word “beach” in their file name and my post that they chose to reference. I’ve been having an issue today with spam being sent from one of my email addresses (not linked to the blog), and it seemed strange that both things would occur on the same day after never experiencing anything like this before. If you believe my blog is secure that’s great, but I wanted to make sure you had all the information about my concerns. I really appreciate your quick reply.



    Hi there,

    One of the best things you can do to protect your account is to make sure your email address has a different password than your account. Most hackings of a blog occur because a person’s email account was compromised and that account used the same password.

    If you already do this, and you’ve updated your password, then your account should be secure. Please let us know though if you see any suspicious activity in your account outside of these spam comments.



    Thanks, catrymer. I’m happy to report that I’ve always used different passwords for my emails and other accounts. I haven’t noticed any other suspicious activity since yesterday, and all of my passwords have been updated, so hopefully I won’t have any issues going forward. I really appreciate your feedback.




    Here’s a link to a good reference for you >

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