Could my Template Change be Affecting my Statistics?

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    Sounds weird I know. But I’m puzzled. My WordPress shows enormous spikes in traffic in relevance to traffic heavy stories on the web, so I kinda expected it and much of it comes from CNN. But since I’ve changed my template to Black Letterhead by Ulysses Ronquillo my rankers have been dipping me really low or so the two events seem to coincide. I used to rank in the top 10 before the spikes. Now I find myself in the 50s when I should be hitting #1.

    All the rankers stats show hits and visits dropping fast, while my stats on WordPress show my visits spiking to 6170 today. I should be making a killing with my rankers.

    So could the Template be affecting the outgoing flow of traffic information to my rankers?

    The only option I have left is that my rankers are blocking IP ranges comming from the US to conserve the Canadian flavor of the rankings. But I doubt it considering no other sites seem to be affected and the rest of the Top10 that I usualy hang with are still in the Top10.

    Any thoughts, ideas, comments?


    The template (theme) doesn’t have anything to do with stats, they are two separate things. Perhaps someone from staff will drop in, or one of the web guru’s with a comment.



    What, exactly, do you mean by “rankers?” I can’t make any suggestions till I know what that means.

    If you haven’t gotten any fresh links from CNN, your hits will indeed drop.



    Blog Rankers. That tell me I’m #10 in Canada for example.

    My traffic, according to WordPress is skyrocketing. But according to my Blog Rankers, they are dropping dead. Something is going wrong.


    The themes you choose to use is not connected in anyway to stats. I don’t know what is going on, but it isn’t the theme.


    If people didn’t like the theme you were using, it would be reflected in you stats which you say are going up.



    Blog rankers? You mean, like Technorati? Or is Blog Rankers a different site altogether?



    Thanks. I’d conclude that, while you’re making strides in the blogosphere at large, you’ve probably topped out at Unless conquering Blogrankers matters more to you than overall hits, it looks like this is a good thing.



    Not, but which is more local, in Quebec, Canada, and there are others, and all have shows dramatic drops in traffic in my site stats

    I’m trying to figure out where the error is happening. One of the stats is lying. I say it’s but they say <b>everything is fine on their side</b> (sounds like I’m calling telecom for a status when all communications are down at my clients) and I’m trying to eliminate WordPress as a possible source. I’m even going to delete my account on topblogues and recreate to see what happens.

    Plus call it an ego thing, but I’m having my highest traffic spike ever and I can’t prove it LOL :D

    The visits in the WordPress stats are UNIQUE visits right?



    It’s not necessarily that one of the stats is wrong: those blog ranking sites only rank you among their own members, like Alexa does. That is exactly why Alexa isn’t very popular anymore.

    Maybe the topblogues readers indeed don’t like your new look. The traffic is probably coming from elsewhere: have you checked your incoming links on Google Blogsearch and Technorati? It’s possible you got picked up from something outside the scope of the blog ranking sites you’re using now.

    If you’re dropping like a stone, maybe you’d think about switching back?



    You got a link twelve days ago from these guys:

    They have an authority of 111, which is a LOT more than other places that link to you. Maybe they’re responsible for your increase?



    TobBlogues only ranks by visits, not by TopBlogues users. So do my other rankers. So it’s not a personal taste issue, it’s a glitch somewhere.

    Logic of elimination says that if three unrelated nodes experiencing the same issue did not develop the same symptoms at the same time, you find what they have in common or where they connect together and most likely that’s the source node of the problem.

    This leads to WordPress and Me. On my part the only change I have and could have made is the template. The beacon buttons that TopBlogues (and other rankers) uses to track my blog are found in a widget that has been left unchanged (but were still verified and checked).

    So what’s left? WordPress. Either it’s stats are pooched or it’s methods or generating stats are not what I thought they were even though they used to match all three of my rankers before the last few weeks. Which leads me to suspect changes have been made on the WP side or something’s pooched.

    I used to have their stats and WP stats match up relatively well and now they are VERY far apart on the spectrum.

    For example.

    TopBlogues has me ranked 43rd with only 42 unique visits

    While WP stats show 1400 visits (since the last TopBlogues counter reset)

    Number one blogger in my category only has 422 unique visits. I should outrank him.

    Which is wrong? Does WP create it’s stats on UNIQUE visits or on every visit? Or is the WP stats engine pooched?



    The specifics of how wordpress does stats is not known to anyone but staff, and if they told everyone how they did it, people would figure out ways to “game” the system. Each “ranker” has their own method and they will never agree from one to the next. Google analytics doesn’t agree with activemeter, which doesn’t agree with statcounter, which doesn’t agree with [insert any name you want here].

    As I understand it, uses Google Analytics on the blogs here to get our stats.


    WP stats are page views, not uniques is my understanding.

    So if I were to visit your blog, and go through 6 pages, that is 6 hits to your stats, for example. If I visited only 1, it would be 1 hit to your stats.



    That makes sense because I added SiteMeter to my blog and the stats that it is providing are more in tune with the stats provided by the blogrankers than by the WordPress Stats which have now died down.


    Yes it’s page views that are being counted at and that’s exactly what it says right here reference:


    For more clarity do understand that whenever a page is called on a blog it’s a “page view”. Example: I come to your blog and click on 3 post title links and 3 static page links and that counts as 6 page views.

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