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Could somebody help me translate from English?

  1. Some languages have words that do not exist in others. The English pith, the archaic word for marrow, refers to the white under the skin of oranges and other citrus fruit

    That is WHITE

  2. sorry, it's mistake...

  3. lettershometoyou

    So, where's the beef, stroganov?

  4. the beef what does beef have to do with this

  5. nice job letters you have a new picture of yourself

  6. I could use help with transmorgriphication, if anyone's got a spare moment?

  7. No problem, stafford - wednesday at seven. Bring a fishing rod, two tangerines and a newspaper.

  8. I've made quality bongs from less! :-)

  9. Hah! there you go - a pro already. Travels to the other side of the sun doesn't require nasa.

  10. aHahahaha! Steam jet.

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