Could someone help me create a HEADER LINK

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    I’d like to have me blog behave exactly like this one – – In that I;d like the header and the picture to link to another page where much of the activity can talk place.

    However I can’t seem to figure out how make my function like this one.

    HELP! :-)


    The header image in the blog you link to does exactly nothing. If you mean the title of the blog, it links to the home page, as is the case with every WP blog including yours.

    If you want links to other pages of your blog, you must first create such pages, and add the Page widget (which will give you links to the pages in the sidebar – in many themes also page tabs in the header).

    If you want images that act as links, you must add a Text widget and paste the code for such images in it.


    Thanks but the blog I referenced doesn’t seem to use the method you speak of. The post titles just seem to link to expanded posts. Any idea how?



    All the blogs here work the same way. When you click on the post, it brings up the post page. (This, by the way, is totally separate from what you asked earlier.)



    All post titles lead to full posts in all themes. There’s no how, that’s the way all themes work.


    The blog you referenced uses both of the methods I mentioned: it’s got pages on top of everything else in the sidebar, and “Vote and Subscribe” is a text widget with a linking image.

    Clicking on the title of a post isolates that single complete post; this also happens automatically in every WP blog. In this particular case the “expansion” is just the comments (which can also be shown by clicking the “x comments” link of the post). Real expansion takes place with themes that only show the beginnings of posts in the main page (or if you have inserted this command manually in a post).

    Your first post talked about the header but your second about post titles. Can you forget the other blog and tell us what exactly you’d like to achieve in yours?


    All of you are a great help.

    I didn’t realize this was the default behavior of WP. This leads me to another question however – again looking at the blog I referenced. How do you only show “so much” – no comments etc – on the “main” post and have it all show on the “clicked” page? Do you think that is one long single post with links in it?

    As you can probably tell I’m very new at this and appreciate your help.


    It’s hard to test the functionality of my blog since there doesn’t seem to be a test or pre-publish view I can look at.

    Thanks for try to help me folks.


    What you see in that blog is complete posts minus the comments. You have chosen the same theme, so lets stick to what happens with that theme. If you write a long post and you only want its beginning in the main page, here’s how it’s done:
    But I don’t think that should be one of your first concerns. To start testing the workings of your blog publish a couple of posts – just copy some text from somewhere and paste it in them. You can delete the posts afterwards.

    If you want to add images IN a post, you do that via the “Add an Image” button of your post editor – try it.

    (By the way, as to header vs post title, I realize now that you meant heading, not header.)


    The main blog page will not show comments. Only when you click on the “comment” link in a post, or on the title of the post will you get taken to the single-post page where the comments, and the comments box are. Again that is the way blogs here, and most everywhere work.

    To take a look at how things work, go to Vivian’s, or wpvstp’s blog and click around. Or go to my test blog at and click around.

    Or set up a blog, put some test posts in it and play around.


    Thanks. I posted a couple of tests and found out what I needed to know. Do I feel silly? Yes! But, everyone has to learn.

    Thanks for all your help.


    It’s not silly, it’s just beginner! There are lots of things that are not obvious in the beginning, especially if you examine someone else’s blog instead of experimenting in your own.

    And there will always be fellow bloggers willing to answer your questions in the forum. You can also start looking at the FAQs.

    Also note that while you’re still experimenting you can temporarily set your blog to private, so that others cannot see it (go to Settings > Privacy, select the third option, click Save Changes).

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