Could tagged posts show up with blavatars?

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    I have three blogs on WP. Each about something completely different. Whenever I write a new post on any of them the posts show on the lists of tags with my personal avatar. Since I blog about both Poland and Austen it’s impossible to find a picture that would fit all. Could blavatars be used there instead?

    A page with a tag I often use
    My blog

    Another question: Have you considered enabling people to use several avatars the way it’s done on LiveJournal?

    And yet another: Could you make some smart device that would enble people choosing from which of their blogs they post a comment? I have to change my profile settings every time I write a post. It’s very tiring.

    I love WordPress! But the avatars and links to blogs from comment threads are a real nausance, and it becomes practically impossible to post a quick comment on someone else’s post because one needs to go and change all of the settings first.



    Blavatars go with blogs; avatars go with users. There’s no reason you can’t pick a theme that doesn’t display avatars, or you could have three IDs. That would solve your comment problem as well.


    Perhaps I was unclear. It has nothing to do with themes, and nothing with what happens on any of my blogs actually, only with what happens across WordPress, outside of my blogs.

    If you have a list of posts by tags like here avatars will show no matter what’s your personal theme, won’t they? I just would like them to be blavatars rather than personal avatars. And in fact they should be blavatars, because the title of that page is “Blogs about: Austen”, and not “Users blogging about: Austen”.

    Would I be able to be logged into WordPress under three IDs at the same moment? If I wanted to leave a comment on someone else’s blog how WordPress would know which of my IDs I wanted to post from?

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