Could we choose (again?) when the audio player generated an enclosure?

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    I run a podcast feed from

    In summary (and for anyone else trying to do it) this is what I do:

    1. I host the audio files somewhere else (
    2. I put the audio files in the WordPress audio player within a show notes blog post, but I add an enclosure attribute within the player pointing to the podcast MP3 file
    3. All my show notes blog posts have a “show” category, so they all turn up in the RSS feed for that category
    4. Then I use that RSS feed as the basis for a Feedburner feed. I can set up all the iTunes settings et cetera in Feedburner
    5. And I submit that to iTunes

    The problem happened when I wanted to put some ancillary audio in a blog post. I’d edited some interviews into the show, and wanted to put the full unedited interview on the show notes.

    I’d read that only the MP3 file referenced in the WordPress audio player with the enclosure attribute would be treated as an “enclosure” (a media file in an RSS feed) and pulled in.

    This was probably my mistake: I can’t find the reference from which I gathered this (mis)understanding. But both this question from 2009 and the Audioplayer site itself imply that all WP Audio Player inserts create enclosures.

    Actual behaviour: all three MP3 files were treated as enclosures in the feed. One user told me that iTunes pulled in the last full interview, not our finely edited show.

    May that be a warning to you all.

    Question for WordPress staff: is this a change? Was there ever a need to put an enclosure attribute on a WordPress audio player?



    The blog I need help with is



    Question for WordPress staff […]

    This is more of a peer-to-peer support forum actually. I tagged this thread “modlook” in case staff passes by and wishes to answer here.

    You may also contact staff directly like this:



    This is more the nature of podcasts. As a feed for a podcast, each post is 1 audio entry in the podcast. There’s really no way to do multiple audio entries in a blog-based podcast.

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