Could you be able to sell stuff of WordPress.

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    Like if I wanted to sell something on it could I link paypal to it or something like that. I know GoDaddy lets you do that so I’m wondering if WordPress lets you do that. I really don’t want to have to make a website with GoDaddy cause I prefer and have way more experience with WordPress.

    The blog I need help with is


    Can somebody help?


    Selling things here is pretty much against the terms of service with the exception of selling things that you have actually made with your own two hands such as jewelry, pottery, paintings and the like. The problem is even with that type of product, there is no way to do “buy now” buttons here at wordpress.COM since the code used for them is not allowed for security reasons. The only paypal button that will work here is the plain HTML paypal donate button.

    If you want to sell things, self-host a wordpress install somewhere like godaddy where you can easily do ecommerce.



    Hey TSP, if it’s okay I’d like to ask can we have a blog here at .wordpress.COM and have a menu that would link to the estore on that blog, where they can buy my products (made by myself of course :) ? I have the domain and am in the process of setting it up as an estore with wordpress.ORG but I would like to blog about the experience here at




    I wouldn’t be doing anything affiliate wise or get rich quick wise. Just blogging about the experience of opening and succeeding with the business and I only sell what I personally make but no selling would be done on my wordpress.COM site, the blog here would have a link to the .ORG site though or atleast that’s what I would like to do.


    You need to talk with staff about that since they are really the only ones that can say for sure. Have links to your blog and also to your estore so they can see what you are doing.



    Okay will do, thanks for all the help.

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