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    Dear Friends
    Hope all of you are well and have good health,dear friends i wanted to make my site the current is if possible then repile me soon.
    I am student but in future i wants to do some thing with you people if you are support me for further improment of my site i will be very thankful to all for ur kind support.
    luke kalash



    Unfortunately this is not possible. To do that you will need paid hosting of your own and have a local installation of wordpress.



    Been discussed many times here in this forum that the use of domain names is a paid feature planned in the future. If you are really needing this feature, than a paid host would be better off for you.

    I also politely point out that the correct URL for your blog is as the following:

    The ‘kpdn’ takes the place of the ‘www’ The use of both will actually break some DNS servers out there and make your site unviewable to some visitors.

    If you pass your mouse over your username to the left, you’ll see it presented correctly.

    Good luck,

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