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Could you please stop the spam emails coming from website companies?

  1. hello,
    I am receiving a lot of spam emails to my email address since creating my wordpress blog. I am not sure how they are accessing my email address. Could you please remove my email address from the vision of such companies so that I no longer receive these unwanted emails?
    I would greatly appreciate this,
    With gratitude,

    The blog I need help with is

  2. has strict privacy policies and does not sell email addresses to spammers. The only means of anyone getting your email address from is via court order.

  3. However, that being said do note that the vast and overwhelming majority of all information on the internet is spam. That is our reality.

  4. Thank you. Do you know how these website companies might be getting my email? It's been happening since I made the blog and it's rather a lot. These people know I have a blog and are offering me website deals etc. What could I do to prevent this happening?

  5. I have no idea where you have posted your email address online eg. blog comments, forums, etc. I do know that spammers have robotic programs that crawl the web and harvesting email addresses. Every email address in the conventional format that you post anywhere online can and will be harvested by bots. That's why provides a secure contact form for our blogs.

    When it comes to your email account I suggest that locating their support forum and asking the question there is the best way to go.

  6. Thank you. The contact form is an excellent idea. How could I locate their support forum?

  7. This is the support forum.

    I have no idea which email service you use or how to contact their support forum. I'm afraid you will have to figure that out on your own.

  8. I use gmail- do you mean contact gmail?

  9. I am receiving a lot of spam emails to my email address since creating my wordpress blog. I am not sure how they are accessing my email address. ... Do you know how these website companies might be getting my email? ... What could I do to prevent this happening?

    I use gmail- do you mean contact gmail? Tes.

  10. oops! Tes = Yes

  11. Did you register a domain name recently? If so do you mind telling us what it is? And did when you purchased the domain name did you fill in your email in the clear or did you use a privacy service?

    I was getting a ton of email recently when a domain name close to mine was expiring and at least 3 "companies" sent me email wanting to know if I would like to bid on the expiring domain name

  12. Thank you. It's a blog - I havent set up a website domain name. It's

  13. I see one email address on the Program page - everything else looks clean - but once a spammer gets an email they seem to send junk out forever. If you had gotten a domain name I would suspect that they harvested your email from the domain registration info -

    Don't know what to say other than as much as it might look like WordPress.COM sold your email - that is strictly against there privacy policy.

  14. Thanks for your help there. Maybe I should get the email off the program page. I just took it off the contact us page so i might see if that helps first...?

  15. If your email was on the contact page that is probably how the spam bots got it - yes take it off the Programs Page also - replace it with a link to the Contact Page - that will stop bots from getting the email address in the future

  16. oh good idea! thank you! So would i just copy the address of the contact page in... I'll try that!

  17. Yes - just copy the URL - but in the editor you can have some text "Contact Us Form" or "Send us an e-mail" - the Post / Page editor lets you hide the link behind the text - I would probably open the contact form in a new Tab -

  18. This is so helpful. Thank you. I have attempted to do as you have suggested. Would you be willing to see if it looks right to you? Also, my email is on our facebook page- do you think I should be something about this too?

  19. Your Program Page looks & works great

    After having bad experience with spambots - I am now death on having the email out in the clear on any site - there is a balance sometimes with having your email in the public and making things easy to contact you

    I now have a business card for my web site that I give out when I don't want to give people my personal info but want them to visit my site - I use the graphic off the site header along with the Title & URL

  20. Thanks so much for your help with this! Much appreciated! Cheers to no more spam!!

  21. I actually put a disposable email address on my contact page, and change it once a month or so. This keeps the spam down to a manageable level and gives people an alternative to filling in a contact form.

  22. Oh wow- That's good idea!

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