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Could You Use a Scoop of Ice Cream --Now?

  1. You can get a scoop of ice cream --for $.31 --tonight May 2, 2007 and the money goes to Firefighters Foundation. I blogged on it:

    I'm not promoting the ice cream (you can figure out which one from the price) or my blog but am in support of the group that gets the money: fallen firefighters. If this isn't "Off Topic" enough or you just hate the whole thing, feel free to say I shouldn't have posted and/or say the protocol --or get it flagged off --or have me pelted? Me, I think it's a cool idea.


  2. From where?

  3. Baskin Robbins

    Closest one for me is about an hour plus walk from here. :(

  4. The closest one is about 10 minutes by car, but I'm in my PJs and there's NO damn way I'm going out in public with PJs and braids.

  5. Ah crap, that was some short notice. :(

  6. I know, wtf?

    I'm exploring the 'zoom tool' on my browser. WHOA HUGE! grrrrrr can barely see it. Fun.

  7. Is this limited to the US only? I wish people would be more specific.

  8. Btw, poppy8sd, I don't mean to sound like I was being bitchy and ungrateful; just wished I'd known about it ahead of time. If it were US-only then I could at least let my American interweb friends know.

  9. Oh, yuck --mea culpa. I try sooo hard to make SURE to include Location I'm writing from/About in Every post/NOT assume everyone is near me/state I'm writing about "USA" --"California" --my neighborhood, etc. I so forgot to state specifically, thoughts of ice cream clouded my brain (?).

    Hey, PJs & braids is a Cool look! Bitching TOTALLY justified! I only heard of the offer at noon today; offer is national --in the US, but link has a locator (--maybe they have Canadian branches?). Maybe: when fully-clothed again, tomorrow, one could pop in to a Baskin Robbins in your area, see if the offer is still good, like a 'rain-check'? (--lame, I know.)

    THEE Greatest food I ever heard of: meal prepared by world-famous starred chefs, recreating a meal from the Gilded Age, at some insane bargain cost like $27. (dollars, US/ about 50 pounds, UK) --sent to me something like only four hours before it began. I wanted to rip sender's head off...but thanked her, posted it, listened to the wailing e-mail that ensued. I still get hits from it every week. Oh, well!

    (On the Up side: at least nobody chewed me out for 'inappropriate post' in this Forum!)

  10. They do have Canadian branches, which is why I asked. But the one near me closed before I read the post anyway. I thought "National" in the title of the drive was a tipoff, though.

  11. Sorry 'bout that, Rain, I'm usually careful about location. It's good to know they are also in Canada (who knew). They'll make more ice cream, anyone can donate to the Foundation --any time, I'll try to give better/accurate notice on any other good offers going --and summer hasn't started yet!

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